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With your mentor Sarah Ball, founder of Hormone Goddess! It's time to ditch your diagnosis and restore your thyroid, hormones, fertility and gut health for GOOD this time, sister.
I need this! Let’s go

You deserve WAY better healthcare. So, we created a process where women not only feel seen, heard and understood but FINALLY have a crystal clear path guiding them towards the health and life of their dreams.

Step on in, it’s a safe space here.


  • Being told your lab results are “normal” for the millionth time but you have a gut feeling (pun intended) that there is WAY more to the story. Your gut never lies girlfriend!
  • Feeling exhausted from all of the dead-end diets and protocols only to find out that you didn’t fail BUT the program failed you since most are designed by research done on men, not women (cue: keto, vegan, low carb)
  • Your doctor saying that it's normal for women to have hormone imbalances - it’s just a part of aging and life…
  • The only option you’re given is to manage thyroid issues by being on synthroid for the rest of your life. Oh, and don’t forget the anti-depressant to “manage” the symptoms that come along with it like stress and anxiety…
  • The outrageous cost of fertility treatments - as you take out yet another loan for IVF in the hopes of "maybe" having a baby...
  • Birth control being handed out like candy to regulate periods all the while it actually cancels out your period by suppressing ovulation and creates a “fake” bleed which no one talks about…
  • Burning the candle at both ends, constantly stuck in a cycle of overwhelm, and always acting as the caregiver while putting your own basic needs on the back burner, and your body screaming out for help…

 ...If so, then keep reading, because I’ve got a secret for you.


But …
Lean in for a little confession:

We look at your hormones LAST inside Hormone Goddess Rising(for all you eyebrow raisers, here’s why…)

Your hormones are one of the final things to come back into balance when you’re healing your body. In fact, they have a very specific recipe.

And I’ve taught 1,250 + women how to become their own self healer over the past 7 years by addressing the root causes of their exhausting hormonal and digestive symptoms.



They fail to recognize that mostly ALL hormone and digestive issues come from a dysregulated nervous system. You cannot expect your hormones and digestion to rebound if you’re simply living in survival mode. True healing happens when your body feels safe and regulated.

*when you cover THIS ^ it's where the deepest healing happens*

Until you really get this, having a bowel movement, creating a baby, getting your period back or overcoming autoimmunity will continue to seem like some distant, impossible dream.

^^ That’s exactly why I decided to go all in on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic layer with myself and my clients.

From helping my clients completely reverse autoimmunity, to going off “life-long” meds after 20+ years, having a baby after 3 failed attempts at IVF and living with vibrant energy, daily bowel movements and super regular cycles after feeling in the dumps for years... I knew I was onto something.

Inside Hormone Goddess Rising, we teach you *exactly* how to LOVE ON these different layers of your health and step into your self-healing potential, step-by-step.

I need this! Let’s go

What mostly all practitioners do VS. what we do at Hormone Goddess!

Most functional practitioners

only focus on the physical body...

  • Basic nutrition
  • General supplements
  • Cookie cutter protocols
  • Free testing with no interpretation and intention to just sell your their supplements - like really?! 🤯

Hormone Goddess 

Sarah dives into it ALL with you!

  • 100's of recipes and meal guides for female hormone, gut, and metabolic health. We believe that food is truly medicine
  • Custom mineral supplement designed for YOU and only YOU to fuel your hormones, digestion, nervous system, thyroid and adrenal glands with the energy they need to thrive
  • Deep dive lab review so you know EXACTLY what your TOP healing opportunities are. We spend about 3 hours on each clients case while creating their review. Yes, we totally nerd out on connecting the dots of your health story😜
  • Walk through Sarah's unique ROOTS method to get to the REAL root causes behind your hormone and digestive issues 
  • Easily digestible self study tools, education, trainings, protocols and library of tools to empower yourself
  • Nervous system regulation practices
  • Somatic practices to metabolize stress in your body
  • Learn how to release stuck emotions and generational trauma
  • Subconscious rewiring and mindset work
  • Cyclical life, health and career/biz strategies
  • A mentor who has been in your shoes, spent 500+ hours soaking up new certifications, teachings and experiences in nervous system regulation, somatics, minerals, hormones/gut health, emotional processing, business, has released every single “label” and symptom that she had experienced during her lifetime and have invested over $100k on her own mentors and expansion. You get alllll of that wisdom!


While most functional practitioners only focus on a fraction of this with supplements, nutrition and basic lifestyle changes, we do things unconventionally by addressing the REAL PROBLEM without all the extra fluff.

This includes balancing minerals to restore your thyroid, adrenal, hormone, digestive and detoxification health (something that hardly any practitioners are trained in), eating for your unique female biology, regulating your nervous system, supporting your circadian rhythm for amazing energy and sleep, and more.

But, I'll be the first to say, it’s just ONE piece of the puzzle. At Hormone Goddess, we also address the mental, emotional, and energetic layers of YOU.


Your mindset can make or break your progress. Many people are unconsciously carrying limiting beliefs, conditioning and negative thinking that keeps them stuck in a cycle of self sabotage. Self healing is often a journey of unlearning, releasing and unbecoming. At Hormone Goddess, we teach you how to excavate and transform these beliefs so you can rewire your mind for the life and health of your wildest dreams!


Emotions are energy in motion. When emotional energy is experienced, ideally we process that emotion and move through it, but that’s not always the case. Emotions can become trapped when the steps of emotional processing get interrupted.

Trapped emotions can cause chaos in your nervous system and affect proper function of your body’s organs, tissues and cells. This can result in your body as dis-ease and some serious imbalances in the hormone, digestive, brain, immune, detoxification, and energy systems. This results in repeating patterns that make you feel stuck.

I'm gonna be real with ya sister, we can’t heal what we can’t feel.

Examples of trapped emotions I see with clients:

  • Stomach/colon- anxiety, worry, hopelessness, lack of control, grief, sadness, self abuse, stubbornness
  • Liver/gallbladder - anger, bitterness, guilt, resentment, frustration, indecisiveness, taken for granted
  • Kidneys/bladder - creative insecurity, unsupported, fear
  • Reproductive organs - overwhelm, shame, shock, unworthy


Science shows we are made up of 99.9% energy. Each of us obviously have a physical body with a mind and emotions, but we are made of even more than that. Passed down to us from many ancient healing and spiritual traditions, is the awareness that we also have an invisible energy system through which universal life force energy circulates. This energy flows through channels called chakras and meridians, and throughout the energetic field, called the aura. Everything is your physical body and reality is created in your energy field first.

Do you want to know the real truth that no one has told you yet? The medicine is within YOU.  Most people don't find the answers to their health issues because they don't understand the actual problem.

Girl, we’ve got you covered with it ALL! We leave no stone-unturned here.

The truth is despite what you’re told it’s NOT NORMAL to deal with…

  • Chronic fatigue that makes you want to stay in bed all day
  • Crippling period pain and heavy flows
  • Irregular cycles
  • Unpredictable gut flare-ups
  • Aggravating constipation making up feel stuck or urgency to get to the bathroom
  • Embarrassing 7-month-pregnant-like-bloating
  • Trouble sleeping every single night
  • Mounting food sensitivities
  • Spiraling anxiety and inability to handle stress
  • Frustrating weight loss resistance
  • A foggy and forgetful brain
  • Uncontrollable cravings for ALL the sweet and salty things
  • Consistent hot flashes and night sweats
  • Low libido, hair loss, headaches, and skin issues
  • PCOS, thyroid issues, and autoimmune disorders


The VIP 1:1 Health Intensive with Sarah

A 4-month, all-inclusive program designed for ambitious and high-performing female leaders who are ready to reclaim their life.

With self healing tools, custom support, the ROOTS method, and the right data from functional labs, Hormone Goddess supports your unique female biology to balance your hormones, gut, and metabolism. My purpose is to guide you each step of the way as you complete deep physical, mental, emotional, and energetic work on the journey of becoming your very own self healer.

What’s Included

This root cause program is designed to ensure every single woman who joins has the opportunity to experience a complete transformation. You will receive all the tools and support in this 4-month evolutionary program, so you can embrace the BEST version of yourself. You will have complete access to:

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Functional Lab + In-Depth Lab Review 

  • HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) included
  • Recorded lab review guiding you through your results line-by-line and the next steps to restore hormone, gut and metabolism balance.
  • Mind-body scorecard and functional health analysis
  • Deep dive root cause analysis conducted by Sarah


Custom Mineral Formula 

  • A custom remineralizing formula supplement designed 100% for YOU and YOUR goals - yep, we don’t do general supplements around here, we stay super intentional and targeted and believe in the less is more approach.
  • Your 90-day formula is created based on your health history, story, goals and HTMA findings

Deep Dive Mentorship with Sarah!

  • Sarah Ball, founder of Hormone Goddess will privately guide you through her CLEAR framework in each 90 minute session to unlock your fullest potential - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 
  • We will be covering manifestation, how to shift your identity to call in your desires at record speed, belief excavation and transformation, nervous system expansion, parts work, inner child, somatics, how to metabolize stress, and rewire your mind and body to have the health and life of your dreams, etc!

 Support + Accountability

  • 4 months of ongoing coaching with Voxer support during Sarah's office hours so you'll never feel alone on your journey ever again. 
  • Between sessions, you have access to voice memo back and forth to work through challenges, resolve questions and help you shift your perspective so you can align with your dreams and build momentum in the foundations of your health. It will feel like your best friend in your pocket to navigate life's challenges, regulate your nervous system and MELT glass ceilings in your health, life and career.

Mindset, Nervous System + Emotional Mastery Sessions

  • During these sessions, you will release generational trauma, clear blocks in your energetic field and align your body, mind and soul with radiant wholeness (this includes a heart-wall clearing).
  • Learn tools and daily practices to regulate your nervous system, rewire your brain and subconscious mind for expansion and health and release years of generational trauma and trapped emotions.
  • Melt "glass ceilings" and work through plateaus holding you back from feeling freedom in your body, mind and soul.

Thorough Self Study Material, Guides + Protocols 

  • Access to Sarah's signature ROOTS Method to restore hormone, metabolic and gut health. This includes about 10 hours of video content, PDFs, guides and more that acts as a blueprint for your journey!
  • Detailed workbooks, PDF guides, 100's of meal guides and recipes, meditations, and self-care tools
  • Protocols to overcome constipation, painful periods, acid reflux, bloating - you name it!

Ready to collapse timelines on your healing journey and receive a TOTAL body, mind and soul transformation?

This is my intimate 1:1 program which is the deepest and closest way to work with me and creates THE most mind blowing results. 

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Let’s unlock your self healing potential...

Join Sarah's Intimate 1:1 Health Experience

Here's ALL the magic you’ll receive inside:

HTMA test included (hair tissue mineral analysis)

Value $199

Root cause analysis by Sarah to uncover your top healing opportunities. Sarah deeply cares about her clients and spend about 3 hours on each client's case to connect the dots and get to the root causes for YOU!

Value $450

Video lab review created by Sarah, CFMP, FDN-P to review your lab results line-by-line and go over your personalized next steps to create balance within your body. You will also receive a written report of your findings that breaks everything down - we call it your root cause "cheat sheet!"

Value $399

Custom mineral formula supplement created JUST FOR YOU based on your health history, goals and HTMA findings (includes a 90-day supply)

Value $600

Kick off call with Sarah to create your BIG vision, shift your identity to match your desires and learn Sarah's signature manifestation process that helps you achieve your goals with record speed!

Value $888

Deep dive mentorship sessions with Sarah Ball, founder of Hormone Goddess. You will be guided through her CLEAR framework to unlock your fullest potential - physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 

Value $5,500

Emotional mastery experiences where you will release generational trauma, clear blocks in your energetic field and align your body, mind and soul with radiant wholeness.

Value $2,200

Remote heart-wall and trapped emotion clearings to release the energetic barrier that the subconscious mind constructs around the heart as a protective measure after experiencing deep hurt, grief, loss, heartache, and overwhelm. This blocks the heart from giving and receiving love, stifles creative potential, attracts negativity and is common root cause of all dis-ease. 

We will do as many sessions as needed!

Value $3,333

4 months of ongoing coaching with Voxer support during Sarah's office hours. It will feel like your best friend in your pocket to navigate life's challenges, regulate your nervous system and MELT glass ceilings in your health, life and career.

Value $4,000

Integration + wrap up call to celebrate and cement all of your wins, get clear on future goals, make updates to your protocol and support you with the tools to continue to pursue the path of being your own self healer

Value $555

Lifetime Access to Sarah's signature ROOTS Method to restore hormone, metabolic and gut health. Also, access to the Hormone Goddess Rising library of trainings, workbooks, PDF guides, meditations and self care tools. Including protocols to overcome constipation, painful periods, acid reflux, bloating - you name it!

Value $2,999 

Enjoy 6 months worth of delicious meal guides for each phase of your cycle that support your energy, thyroid, gut health and female biology (that are both family and hubby approved too!) Plus hundreds of more recipes. We don't mess around when it comes to food here. ;)

Value $1,500

Re-testing and support options at killer discounted rates. We will never leave you hanging since as we know wellness is a lifelong commitment!

Savings over $799 dollars

15% off ALL supplements from our online dispensary Fullscript

Savings over $360

🔥LIMITED EDITION GIFT if you sign up by 4/30 at 12pm🔥

*GI Map Stool Test ($450 value)

*Dutch Hormone Test ($499 value)

*(2) video lab reviews + custom protocols created by Sarah ($1,700 value)

Value of $2,649 for free!

The total value of this all-inclusive program + bonuses is over $25,876. But your investment is only a fraction of that at $14,000. Payment plan options are available.

Yes, I want in on ALL of this!

My stomach is SO much better. The bloating that I experienced for 10 years is completely gone. This journey is teaching me a lot of patience with myself, which to be honest, I was lacking. I learned there is no quick fix for your symptoms when your body has been depleted for so many years. I am really happy about the progress I am seeing in the first month and can’t wait to work on the next step for restoring my hormones and gut health!

 - Annie, Age 32

Knowing that Sarah has been through many of the health setbacks that I’ve experienced gave me confidence that she understands the journey and has the tools necessary to really help me. Since completing the Hormone Goddess Experience, I have experienced much less cramping and clotting, the breast tenderness is gone, and my periods feel significantly more manageable. I learned so much about how my gut health is tied to my hormone health and I am actively working on my gut microbiome.

 - Laura, Age 40

One of THE best investments you can make in your health PERIOD.


Apply to work 1:1 with Sarah

I'm SO ready!

Hi, I’m Sarah Ball!

I am a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, hormone and gut health expert, mineral and emotion alchemist, multi-passionate entrepreuner and founder of Hormone Goddess 

When I was 15, I was put on hormonal birth control for painful and heavy periods and, when I went off of these in my early 20s, I lost my period for 3 years. I also struggled with post-menopausal hormones and continued experiencing painful/irregular periods (which landed me in the ER three times!). Chronic fatigue, constipation (at one point I didn’t have a BM for 5 weeks - ugh!) bloating, digestive issues, weight loss resistance, anxiety ran my life and I was diagnosed with IBS, PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, cervical dysplasia, ovarian cysts, and fatty-liver. I found myself trapped on the merry-go-round of doctors as I did my best to find a solution. I kept hitting dead-ends and felt overwhelmed, stuck, and scared. Did I just need to accept that I’d be dealing with these conditions for the rest of my life?

It was questions like this that made me decide to take my healing journey into my own hands. I found I had many underlying issues such as tanked minerals affecting my thyroid, adrenals and hormones (stress was my emotional home), a chronic parasite infection, candida, h.pylori, estrogen dominance, sluggish liver, layers of generational trauma and trapped emotions and imbalances in my energy body that disconnected me from my feminine energy and cyclical nature as a woman. My research started to lead me to answers – and results

Today, I am free (and well beyond remission) of all of the conditions and symptoms I experienced. I feel alive, energized, and aligned with my true purpose: helping women like YOU. Everything I’ve created in this program is what I WISH I had access to years ago.

Cheers to you reclaiming your health my sister!

This 4-month program is for YOU if you.. 

  • Are ready to go ALL IN and take back control of your health by digging deeper and uncovering all the 4 layers of healing: physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.
  • Are ready to invest your time, energy, and resources into finding answers and a solution.
  • You KNOW that you are your own self healer and have hope that you can overcome these health challenges with the right tools and support.
  • Realize that NO amount of random supplements, doctors (including functional), fad diets, and influencer protocols are going to FIX YOU and that becoming a self healer is an inside job.
  • Understand that healing doesn’t happen overnight, and you are committed to doing what it takes to support your gut and hormone health.
  • Know you are made for more but don’t know where to begin.
  • Want to work with a team of hormone and gut health experts who has been in your shoes, can help you collapse timelines, and listens deeply.

This is not for you if... 

  • You are not willing to invest in what it takes to collapse timelines towards your goals
  • You are not willing to take personal responsibility for your health and results of this program
  • You are not self-sufficient - this program requires you to take action without hand holding 
  • You are looking for a quick fix or waiting for someone to "fix" you
  • You are not coachable
  • You want to stay in a victim mindset and don't believe you can overcome your symptoms/conditions
  • You are not willing to break old conditioning, patterns, and habits that no longer serve you 

Just imagine...

  • Knowing that your symptoms aren’t all in your head and to finally be able to pinpoint what exactly is causing your issues.
  • Being able to handle stress again and not completely shutting down over simple setbacks.
  • Having the energy to not only make it through the day but also to have the energy to fly through tasks and have leftover energy for things you love doing!
  • Retiring your thyroid meds and anti-depressants after being told by your doctor that you'd be on them for life.
  • Having a baby and being in complete awe that your beautiful and healthy body created this miracle! Even after being told that your chances of pregnancy are non-existent.
  • Traveling again because you no longer worry about being stuck in a bathroom all day or how your body will respond to a variety of foods (due to food sensitivity trauma in the past).
  • Knowing what foods are essential for gut & hormone health so you can finally ditch the painful periods/PMS, and bloating, and reclaim your energy!
  • Utilizing your unique hormone superpowers to go beyond what you thought your body was capable of doing and feeling.
  • Getting days of your life back because your fully present, grounded, relaxed, energetic, free and ALIVE in your body, mind and soul!
  • Making more money in your business or showing up fully at work to get the promotion you’ve been dreaming of because your energy, mental clarity and creativity is at an all time high.
Well, girl, you can! Let’s make this your reality!


Now is the time to alchemize your pain into your purpose, your sickness into your superpowers, and your trauma into the KEY to awakening and rising to your full potential. Come join us to unlock the medicine and ancient wisdom within. 


FAQ-mode,Lets' go...

Sarah is the best FDN-P and coach I’ve ever known! I’ve been working with her for 2 years and during this process we FINALLY got answers to my decades digestive issues, food sensitivities, weight gain, fatigue, inflammation and more. With her guidance today, I feel better today, then I’ve felt in 20 years! You need to find what’s not working with your system to get everything aligned. So believe in yourself, follow the path to correcting issues and get your life back to the best it can be. Sarah is the BEST and I am beyond blessed to have her as my coach!

- Cindy, Age 67

Hormone Goddess 1:1 Health Intensive with Sarah is designed to transform your life to ensure you experience every single day to the fullest without symptoms holding you back.

All you have to do is take the first step, and we are here to guide you the rest of the way on your life-changing journey!


We will respond within 48 hours business hours


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